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Client Comments:

Ladies of Fusion;

I can’t tell you what a wonderful time we had listening to you Monday night – the group is still talking about it!     The first cord sung together brought my ears to attention.   Not only do you all sing beautifully together, but you have a great routine too.  The show was not dry and kept all looking forward to more.   

I am soooo grateful you agreed to sing for our function.    Myself, I would love to just have a cocktail and listen to your group at a public function.  I’m definitely going to hit your website and see if you are playing out and make my husband take me out. 

Thank you again!
Karen S.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful job your group did for Tonia at the Garlic Pit Pasta House on Friday. She loved it !!!!! She was very surprised and the customers loved it also. Thanks for making that possible. ~ Tom Caracci

To our favorite ladies,
Thank you so very much for gracing us with your presence and your exquisite voices last night at the Park Avenue Holiday Open House! Year after year, your performance remains the highlight of the night! Wishing you a very gleeful holiday season and a fabulous New Year!

Crego Realty Group Team

"My mother-in-law wanted me to tell you that you were all that she hoped for and more" - Pagnello Family

"My boyfriend Bob just called and LOVED you guys!" - Katie D.

"You are the absolute best. She's still in tears and can't stop talking about how great you sound, which I told her I already knew and why I did this in the first place" - Mikey T.

"You made me smile. Thank you for the wonderful serenade. All of you are fantastic. I can't begin to tell you how special it made me feel" - Carol F.

" glad you for sang for my hubby!! guys were really good...  Thanks SO much for making his and my day. Thanks again girls!!" - Donna G.

"I'm calling as an official 50-year old and to thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I SO appreciate how you weathered the storm and people absolutely adored FUSION.  I received many, many comments.  You done good.  No - you done GREAT!  I appreciate you SO much...You made my 50th birthday a blast!  Thanks again and when I come up  with something else I'll call you. 
Please pass on my best wishes and deepest gratitude to the rest of FUSION.". - Ramona 

Singing Valentines
by Virginia Butler
Published Feb 07, 2008  

Looking for a different kind of Valentines Day gift? How about a little singing for your "sweety!" The Rochester Chorus of Sweet Adelines offers singing Valentines. All proceeds go to benefit women’s vocal music education. Singing Valentines will be delivered on Feb. 14.

Singing Valentines are delivered in a cappella harmony, live and in person by a costumed quartet (includes singing, rose and a card with your personalized message) within Monroe County, or by phone, A “Ringing Telegram”, local or out-of town.


Democrat & Chronicle - December 17, 2007
Charlene Sudore of Webster, left, and Amy DePerna of Webster, members of Fusion Quartet, battle the snow as they arrive to carol at Parkleigh on Park Avenue in Rochester.

Democrat & Chronicle - December 4, 2007
Christmas romp didn't disappoint

Kudos to the Park Avenue Merchants Association for sponsoring a beautiful evening of holiday fun last Thursday.

The streetlamps were lit with bright decorations, the air was filled with harmonious Dickens carolers in period garb. The clatter of horse-drawn carts resonated in the cold night, "Winnie the Pooh" and "Tigger Too" greeted children up and down the street and a realistic Santa sat patiently listening to every child's wishes for Christmas morning.

The evening was free of charge, devoid of the mall-like harangue to buy, buy, buy, and restored in our hearts, if even for a brief time, the feeling of community and the "true spirit of Christmas."

This family wishes to thank them for giving us a memory to cherish!


Thank you so very much - especially for going out in the blizzard!! I can't begin to tell you how much the singing was appreciated by not just my mom, but everyone in the dining room that day! Nurses and members, and guests of the Friendly Home all got such a pleasure out of the singing! I will be sure to do it again! I wasn't even expecting that she would get a rose - that was such a nice touch. This picture - even though my mom is only a fraction of her old self is still priceless!
Thank you so much!!



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